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Ramadan Amid COVID-19


With the widespread of contagious coronavirus, every country is facing a crushing calamity. Definitely, as the blessed month of Ramadan is near, Muslims, across the globe, are preparing to welcome a different Ramadan in coronavirus times.

What it mattes if we encounter certain restrictions due to prevailing COVID-19? After all, Ramadan is a month of restraints, reflections and reverence. 

What if there’s curfew everywhere? We can, still, fast with minimalism because Ramadan teaches us abstinence. What if it’s lockdown everywhere? We can, still, adopt an simple lifestyle because Ramadan teaches us patience. What if compulsive social distancing has to be followed? We will be fortunate to have sufficient time in remembering the Almighty Lord in our homes, turning remorseful with prayers and supplications in seclusion and becoming prompt in reciting Holy Qur’an.

What it matters if we cannot offer obligatory prayers five times a day and special prayers each night called Taraweeh in the masajeeds (places of worship)? At least, it’s time to create a radiating, serene and spiritual atmosphere in our dwellings by glorifying the Almighty Lord, offering obligatory prayers and settling down for recital of portions from the Holy Qur’an.

Yes, we all now feel that the whole world is soaked up in coronavirus pandemic. Life, may be, has become a little remote, and during this upcoming Ramadan, we will witness slight changes in our lifestyles and Ramadan rituals.

What it matters, like every Ramadan, if we miss special congregational prayers (that’s called Taraweeh), daily brief discourses, family gatherings or traditional feasts? At least, we can embrace protective remedies and proper precautions to combat coronavirus like we, in Ramadan, resist temptations and abstain from sins. With all fervor and goodness, we can spend monies in charities, we can be devoted towards our families, we can prepare to pardon others and we can become passionate to pause a while and reflect on simple necessities for healthy and safe living.

What matters if we lose our little liberties for a better tomorrow? Lockdown is not going to linger for longer periods. But, let’s follow preventive measures and required restrictions to care ourselves and others. Indeed, we can behave in a humane way when we mend our lives and show concern for others.

With the onset of this blessed month of Ramadan, let’s fast and be upright with faith in the Almighty Lord and hope for His forgiveness, blessings, bounties and succor against the deadly sicknesses.

Above all, it’s time to ask ourselves how well we are going to spend Ramadan in terms of clear austerity, modest devotion, recurring repentance and sincere supplications.

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