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Overtimers and Workaholics

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Ever thought of what happens when you work too much? Simply, you’ll become workaholic and burdened with stress. · Gone are the days when hardworking and honest employees used to put extra hours for the sake of completing work to avoid any delays or discrepancies. And they were wi ...

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Parenting in Poverties and Living Frugally

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Ah, those who live in poverty, they alone know how their lives traverse with ups and downs. In truth, they get tangled with troubling thoughts when they find themselves deep in difficulties, soaked in sorrows and pauper in provisions.  · Are poor becoming more poor or rich growin ...

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The Beauty and Boost of Life

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Ah, how to get inspired in life? Well, it’s simple when your hearts move to think and minds begin to feel. · At workplaces, we find employees who work because they hold employment and want to fulfill life’s necessities. Nevertheless, workers, typically, are of four categorie ...

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Let’s Enliven our Souls

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Nowadays, who cares if the world is populated by righteous or sensible people? It seems that the whole mankind is sectioned into two halves –one half into healthy and happy population and the rest into miserable and marooned people. · Instead of avoiding differing opinions and o ...

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Bettering Our Lives

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · We, human beings, get overwhelmed amid crisis to such a magnitude that we only see flipping of chaos, one after another, but, rarely realize changes that can be for bettering our lives. · Presumably, when we all lose equilibrium in our lives we experience something erroneous and ...

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Living a Purposeful Life

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Life’s stretch, from birth to death, is a definite duration. No one lives a little more and no one dies a little early. When the stroke of death comes, none can escape. Definitely, righteous life before death is an immense blessing, bounty and merit. And to comprehend well the ve ...

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Great Expectations

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · It’s wondrous how sometimes we, humans, dream profusely, aspire high, work hard for the sake of our lives and livelihoods and for the well-being of our children. Out of human traits, we act either deliberately or unintentionally. But, in the making of our lives and careers, we co ...

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Making Life More Joyous and Rewarding

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Presumably, a little more than four decades, people lived with simplicity, carried carefree attitude and were least worrisome with the ordeals of life.In those days, may be people were within the limits of culture and discipline, and now-a-days, amid techno-advancements, digitali ...

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Little Gains, More Greediness

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · What a say about human existence! Prior to blissful birth, there’s safe seclusion in darkness, infancy is all dependency in helplessness, childhood comes with all merriment, ignorance and wonderments and youth is the age of all hues to make a fanciful existence. Ah, those who bol ...

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Gaining Right Knowledge

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · In truth, when one is passionate to gain right knowledge and seek the pleasure of the Almighty Lord, then everything becomes easier for a person to comprehend diverse subjects. And then, becoming knowledgeable and perceptive is like gaining celestial blessings and favors.Verily, ...

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Vicious Hatred and Battered Humanity

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · What a semblance of human life when we give worth to worldly wealth, cherish temporal comforts and churn hatred in our hearts out of jealousy or trivial differences.We detest a person because of our insensible dislikes; we turn our families into divisions because of insolence and ...

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From Obesity to Fitness

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Perhaps, it’s unimportant that how you rank in maturity, moderation and mercy. Who cares any scarcity in these elements can impact one’s character and mindset? · Come any flaw in health, we humans become too scary, bothered and sad as if life is at brim and anytime it can collaps ...

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Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Ah, death, the last truth of life · that to the dying seems heavy torment · as if all sorrows in a single stroke, · all energy departing in increased agony · With a period further for joyous life · seeking physic, wanting solace, · But, when death comes with a seizure · it has it ...

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Precepts for Healthy Living

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · ‘Eat your breakfast like a prince, have your lunch like a king and dine like a pauper.’ Sounds interesting, isn’t it? O, this is just a dictum that speaks useful precepts for healthy living.  Gone are the days when people used to relish lives, eat with contentment, take up ph ...

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Triumph of Life

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Verily, life and time are fleeting. Yes, both are temporal, with relevant conditions and momentum. Sometimes, the way you live matters most upon your perception and realization regarding life. · With little tough situations in life, we oft become displeased and ill-tempered, but ...

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Breaking Ties for Selfish Pursuits

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · It’s not that the human existence is just hollow, but there’s a purpose. Like the many phases of human life, our roles, commitments, endeavors and pursuits varies. · Ay, the senseless show of life is that where we, in our selfish pursuits, we break out ties with our near and dea ...

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Relationships between Rage and Rancor

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · What an irony where blood relationships get severed, with growing rage and rancor! What prompts people to embrace discord and shun love? Is it devilish temptations, lack of elegant etiquette, or hyperbolic hatred? · Of all stages of human life, perhaps, the best phase is childhoo ...

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Let's Live Cheery Lives

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Aha…human life comes in various shapes and semblance. All it matters is how one perceives it. Either you take it according to your fantasies and notions or live broadly with all prudence and wisdom to make your life more beauteous. · Verily, one becomes lethargic with more leanin ...

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Does Courtesy Costs Anything?

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Courtesy is a duty and a pivotal trait that molds one’s personality; thus, we call someone ‘humble’, ‘mild’, or ‘gentle’. And it must be said that a courteous person is always a keen observer and thoughtful performer, because the change and reaction of personality derives from th ...

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  • Marriott International

    Attendant-Housekeeping (Saudi only)

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    Marriott International Jeddah, المملكة العربية السعودية دوام كامل

    Job Number 23199088 Job Category Housekeeping & Laundry Location Jeddah Marriott Hotel Madinah Road, 6939 Al-Madinah Al-monawarah Road, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia VIEW ON MAP Schedule Full-Tim ...


    منقذ السباحة

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    KING FAISAL SPECIALIST HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE GEN. الرياض, المملكة العربية السعودية

    شهادة إنقاذ السباحة:حاصل على شهادة إنقاذ السباحة من هيئة تعليم معترف بها. يمكن أن تكون الشهادات من الهلال الأحمر أو الصليب الأحمر أو منظمات أخرى مشابهة. · مهارات السباحة:مهارات ممتازة في السباحة والتح ...

  • نادي سباقات الخيل

    مصمم جرافيك

    تم العثور عليها في: DrJobAR SA A2 - منذ 6 أيام

    نادي سباقات الخيل الرياض, المملكة العربية السعودية

    القدرة على العمل الجماعي والتعاون مع فريق العمل. · إجادة مهارات الاتصال الشفهي والكتابي. · امتلاك الإبداع وإيجاد الحلول المناسبة للمشكلات. · إجادة التخطيط الاستراتيجي والتحليلي المهارات. · المرونة وال ...

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